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FStorm paints

Here are a few different paint materials (FStorm + 3ds Max).  The configurations are similar in that there’s a base layer + 2 flake layers (turn these on/off and adjust colors as needed) + clear coat layer.  Within each of those materials are procedural shaders and some bitmaps to break up colors, gloss, and add bump/roughness.


PDF Document showing graph configuration


Hologram material (FStorm)

This was an attempt to create a hologram type material in FStorm using some nested falloff maps.  I’ve placed the file on my server HERE if you’re interested in deconstructing it.


Speedshape v2

I’ve updated the speedshape model a bit and placed it back on the server HERE.


MY18 S-Class renders

Some recent renderings I worked on for the 2018 S-Class sedan. Vehicle CAD data provided by MBUSA & Mackevision. Backplates, Art Direction and final retouching by Merkley+Partners. I was responsible for the lighting, materials, and rendering of the images.

Autodesk 3ds Max & FStorm with nvidia GPUs.


FStorm procedural scratch

Testing out some mixed materials (mixed with dirtmap) and a new procedural scratch map added to FStorm.