Complex Fresnel Texmap plugin for 3ds Max

Siger Studio has created a free complex fresnel texture map plugin for 3ds Max.  It’s a great way to enhance your metal materials (plug it into the reflection color).  Some examples, rendered with Corona Renderer.


3d printed plastic material

I’ve placed a 3d printed plastic material sample scene HERE (iray & 3ds Max 2013+).  It’s not perfect but it may work in some situations depending on how close the camera is.  Otherwise perhaps it would be a good starting point to refine it further.

NOTE: You’ll also need the iray material plugin.  It can be found HERE.


2016 AMG GTs Renders

Some recently completed renders of the new AMG GTs vehicle from Mercedes-Benz.  The vehicle data set & back plate image was provided by MBUSA.  I was responsible for lighting/materials/rendering.  I used 3ds MaxCorona Render, and HDR Light Studio.  I supplied each image to MBUSA in a layered file format (PSD) for final retouching and modifications by them.

Some additional info: The images were rendered at 8k to 12k resolution.  I typically provide the layered PSD file with multiple variations that can be used or combined/blended to achieve different looks (different reflection passes, lights on or off, etc.).  For kicks I’ll usually even include ‘my version’ in the file, which is just my own post-processed interpretation of the image.  It’s usually discarded but I’m sure my fellow CG’ers know how difficult it is to not do some post-processing on our renders. :)

As an example, here was ‘my version’ of the yellow AMG GTs on the racetrack image (reduced scale):


corona renderer website update

If you haven’t seen the new Corona Renderer website be sure to check it out, especially the gallery.  There’s some amazing images shown there.  I was blown away at the quality of the images, especially the arch-vis stuff.