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Corona Render physical material car paints

Here’s a small batch of car paints for Corona Render 8 / 3ds Max (2019 format).  It’s a mix of metallic, non-metallic, and matte versions.  They are setup using the Corona Render physical material.  Download the 3ds Max file HERE.
Two of the samples use the Siger Thin Film shader that can be downloaded for free HERE.  The HDRI used in the scene is available from HERE.

NOTE: The clearcoat may be set rather high on some of these (1.8 range).  If you find it’s too strong, dial back the clearcoat IOR to the 1.4 to 1.6 range.


CG Diorama

Some renders & animation of a diorama type scene (3ds Max / Corona Render Engine).  The model A hotrod is a free model created by Simon Grover.  Sinclair gas station model from CGtrader.


Austin-Healey Fun Renders

I thought this Austin-Healey 30000 MkII model looked like a good candidate for some fun renders.  So I picked it up and applied my materials.  Then changed the tires to some classic white walls and generated some renders.  Cool model!



Bronco Renders

I’ve been wanting to render some shots of the new Bronco for some while now.  Finally bit the bullet and purchased the model.  This was also a good excuse to try the RC1 version of Corona Render for 3dsMax.