Glow/Bloom/LUT/HDR Dome – Corona Render

Corona Render recently released version 1.5  This update included some features I really enjoy.  Glow & bloom functions, ability to add LUT’s, and a dome option in the corona bitmap…map.  Blend all that together and you can get some nice looking images…directly from the render without much, if any, post adjustments.


I have also created a short video showing the configuration:

Environment Geometry

On some recent projects I’ve needed to display a vehicle in an HDRI environment only, no backplate.  Sounds simple enough right?  Well, it’s actually not as simple as it sounds depending on which render engine you’re using.  An example of what I’m referring to would be how IRay+/VRed/Keyshot work.  Here’s a clip for reference:

In this post I’ll show you how to setup something similar, but still a hack, in Corona Render. Read More

Speed Shapes

When gathering references for automotive paints I’ve often seen real-world paint samples using widgets called speed shapes.  I created one of these widgets in 3ds Max to help me dial in my paint & powder coating material settings.  I thought I’d share this object in case anyone else out there may find it helpful.

Here’s a LINK to the file.  It contains the object in .fbx, .obj, and .max (2012) formats.  It isn’t a complete scene ready for rendering, it’s just the object itself.  I’ve also included some information in PDF format with size/scale values for some of the various speed shape objects that are available.